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April 2, 2009

Although I am no artist I am quite pleased at the masthead see above and so I shall use the excuse of a first blog to describe how it was made.

Original Image

The original concept of the juxtaposition of the two British spaceplanes: R.H. Smith’s Winged Space Dart and Reaction Engines’ Skylon along with THAT quote in Russian and a cameo of the man himself was born in the thirty seconds or so that I discovered I could have my own masthead!

Extending the flight envelope!

Extending the flight envelope!

Digging out my copy of “Exploration of the Moon” (1954) with text by the late A.C. Clarke the image was not as I remembered (first image) and as one can see the page had cruelly clipped its wings (well one of ’em) along with the nose and tailfin.

Nose Job!

Nose Job!


A morning’s re-imaging went through two stages (2 & 3) with first a reconstructed wing and then a nose job! The tail fin was sharpened and the astronaut in the foreground just had to go.  Sorry whoever you were…

The unkindest cut!

The unkindest cut!

With the image now cropped the imaging moved on apace. A Skylon from my private collection was shrunk and faded to greyscale to match the Smith Dart. The background image of the UK was Googled within minutes (!) and hacked into shape even more quickly. Hint it’s upside down! The Title came next. And naturally the quote just had to be in Cyrillic:

“Zemlja — kolybel’ Chelovechestva, no nelzja vechno zhit’ v kolybeli”

“The Earth is the Cradle of Mankind (Humanity), but one cannot live in the Cradle forever.”

The finished article.

Links and References
(Review, at The Space Review! of the “Exploration of the Moon.”  Here.

And a technical article at

This short little piece took three hours to put together! The first postage apparently with an autodelete setting that cost an hours hard pressed wordcrafting!

Graphics are easier!

That being said I shall be thumbnailing the above down; as they have eaten up too much of my free three!

One comment

  1. Great new site. Took me a while to sound out the Cyrillic and then I couldn’t understand the Russian. Good job you provide a translation.

    You should make sure the translation is included in the About section when you come to populate that.

    Great graphic BTW.


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