Registering a Complaint

April 13, 2009

I apologise in advance for the intemperate language but as you shall see it is not my own!

From lester.haines@theregister.co.uk


You bloody idiot:

“Back inside, the crew – which, in addition to Ferguson, Piper, Bowen and Kimbrough, includes Pilot Eric  Boe, Mission Specialist Donald Pettit and the station’s next flight engineer, Sandra Magnus – will spend a  lot of time unpacking new crew quarters, *a new toilet*, a new kitchen, a new refrigerator and new exercise  equipment, not to mention the science experiments.”

The fucking “toilet” was actually the urine recycling unit – not actually a toilet at all. In fact we were  fucking right on this one – the ISS has one “toilet” until the second “toilet” arrives, as we pointed out.

The media, and yourself you fucking imbecile, have got the urine recycler and the toilet mixed up. Fuck  off, we’re tired of your abusive rants, which I have now repaid. Twat.

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/31/iss_toilet_row/comments/#c_464343 says:

> The Register 31st March 2009 Lester Haines


> Tag line: “Can’t use apparently non-existent deluxe US space dunny.”


> “This could actually prove rather more tricky for US crew aboard the

> ISS, since the orbiting outpost’s Ассенизационно-Санитарная

> Установка, or “Waste Management System”, is actually a Russian-built

> affair housed in the Zvezda module.


> Presumably, the deluxe American dunny in question is the one NASA

> stumped $19m for back in 2007 – another Russian-built device similar

> to that already on board. This toilet is, however, destined to be

> housed on American territory – the Node 3 module slated to arrive

> aloft aboard Endeavour on STS-130 mission, provisionally booked for

> lift-off on 10 December this year..”


> *Non existent?* Sorry wrong:


> NASA website commenting on the last mission STS 126


> http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts126/126_overview.html


> “Back inside, the crew – which, in addition to Ferguson, Piper, Bowen

> and Kimbrough, includes Pilot Eric Boe, Mission Specialist Donald

> Pettit and the station’s next flight engineer, Sandra Magnus – will

> spend a lot of time unpacking new crew quarters, *a new toilet*, a

> new kitchen, a new refrigerator and new exercise equipment, not to

> mention the science experiments.”


> also


> http://www.reuters.com/article/scienceNews/idUSTRE4AK8BL20081128


> Even the Daily Mail gets it right!


> And if that is not good enough for you here’s the video with station

> commander Mike Finke as Host. (You don’t get to see the actual toilet

> until right at the end!)  http://tinyurl.com/dl5t4p


> More fact (vs Haines Hyperbole) as reported on

> http://www.space-travel.com


> “The Expedition 19 crew, Commander Gennady Padalka and Flight

> Engineer Michael Barratt, familiarized themselves with the station’s

> exercise equipment on Wednesday.


> They began their daily physical exercise routines using the station’s

> treadmill and Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED). The ARED

> uses vacuum cylinders to mimic weightlifting exercises in the

> microgravity environment of space.”




Hell hath no fury than a reporter rebuked? And my [annotated] reply to Mr Haines:



Er wrong. If  you look at the video and these two links to reputable spaceflight sites you will note that  the TWO toilets are different.

OLD TOILET  http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=getting-a-handle-on-space

NEW TOILET  http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/discoblog/2008/11/10/international-space-station-gets-new-toilet-fridge-and-blogger/

You will note in the rather excellent video by Mike Finke the “Orbital Outhouse” logo not on the zvezda  toilet and the urine tube on the right when seated. Reversed on the zvezda commode.

The toilet is to be MOVED to the  “Colbert Space Can” when it arrives, as will the WMS. At that stage they  will probably be utilising the recycled water although there are rumours of an off camera space toast.

However I doubt that you will even bother to read this e-mail let alone check the facts.

One recent article by was damning regarding El Reg’s ‘scientific’ credentials.

Melting Icebergs raising the standard of science at the Register! I think not. [1]

And I note, Mr Haines no word of thanks over the Ko-San vs So-Yeon mis-attribution![2]

Guilty conscience?

I too can be abusive: Hack! And a cowardly one to boot! So continue to wallow in ignorance Mr Haines and  the staff at El Reg. A site that seemingly has no idea of basic scientific principles, journalistic decency  and a vindictive and mean spirit. If your e-mail is anything to go by…

The trouble is Mr Haines who will I be next?


Some comments

If you are in any doubt about who is right here I would direct you to two other more reputable sites describing the addition of the second toilet:



And really recommend the Mike Finke video at the link above provided you skip forward to the bit at the end. Unless, like me, you are fascinated by the workings of a compact Urine recycling unit.


1/ Another reporter on the site which has a ‘AGW ‘denialist history recently claimed that the melting Arctic Ice cap could cause dangerous flooding forgetting basic physics and Archimedes’ Eureka Moment

2/ Two attempts to comment on a previous posting also unpublished (curious that) upbraided Mr Haines for this little gem:

“South Korea’s first astronaut, Ko San, last year visited the International Space Station ”

(quietly amended with no apology or correction)

Ignoring my previous comment is one thing but leaving a blatant untruth uncorrected is another matter. I repeat; your article is factually wrong and an insult to the South Korean people and a certain young lady by the name of  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yi_Soyeon. The parlous state of public awareness in space is not helped by the extremely shoddy state of reporting by the British media in general and this site in particular. Where hyperbole and drivel pass as reportage. I have been lenient in the past… but no more. Your space reports are now under my microscopic scrutiny and misreporting of THE FACTS will not be allowed to pass.

Consider your self FLAMED Mr Haines. There I’ve spelt it out for you this time!

And I repeat the question. Do you get paid for this job?

I believe he does!

As the Metropolitan Police are discovering, citizen reporters now have the wherewithall to actively report The Truth rather than passively accept the “accepted truth” as released by the Met’s Press office. Quid Custodiet…

I would end with an appeal that if you see shoddy reporting ON ANY TOPIC. Do not let the misinformation pass you by without comment.

As the Information Age unfolds Truth must be our ultimate goal.

Or as an old Computer aphorism has it: GIGO.

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