Apollo on Cholesterol

April 23, 2009

As NasaSpaceFlight hinted early last month, weight issues with Orion (or rather poor performance of the soon to be  “ex one”) …seem to have reduced the crew size from six to LEO to just four.  Meanwhile additional changes to the design indicate that, on the early lunar missions at least:  the CEV will now require a pilot. Thus by the time they get there, NASA rocket science and some fifty years of scientific progress  …will be able to put just one additional person on the moon.  Now whilst I am all in favour of incremental development, this is no baby step ….more like a Parkinsonian shuffle: “… gait is characterized by short steps, with feet barely leaving the ground, producing an audible shuffling noise. Small obstacles tend to cause the patient to trip.”

As one early comment  on the Aviation Week article states:

“It appears that America doesn’t know how to build a spacecraft anymore.”

I would concur – with one slight amendment – that of replacing “America” with “NASA”. America has plenty of NuBlood with the Right Stuff: Rutan, Bezos, Musk and the Renegade Rocketeers!

I feel that with each Revelation, NASA’s “End Times” rapidly approach and unless the new administration are very careful; the end of an  ‘official’ American space program! Eschatology aside, one wonders if a New Messiah can save the vision of previous prophets like Gerard O’Neill and, latterly:  John Marburger.

Keep the Faith!

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