Now we see the violence inherent in the system.

April 21, 2011

An open letter to Khalid IzzelDin et al
Sorry for the delay in response but I was asleep! (Global Village and all that sort of thing…)

@brobof as you said no one person can truly represent all. No one on the roundabout represented me from day 1. #againstprotests #Bahrain

@brobof that is why if before going to the roundabout someone asked me what I want I would have been more sympathetic. But I was ignored!

First you should have gone to the roundabout and engaged in the revolutionary political process. A rare opportunity to found a new broad spectrum political party was sadly crushed IMHO. Unfortunately in a real ‘mature’ democracy the political parties tend to set out their wares much like a merchant but, alas, when they get into power their goods tend to be faulty and even non-functional.
But, unlike a merchant, you can’t get a refund.
A case in point are the LibDems in the UK who PROMISED to vote “No!” to student fee increases but the moment they got into power.
It’s called a “U-turn”
So when a mass protest movement arises so does the opportunity for real change. Hamad if he was a wise ruler would have seized the opportunity to advance his nation in the process. But we both know that another neighbouring Royal Family would NEVER allow that.

So back to the Lulu Party! At one stage I was in communication with someone claiming to be close to the CP and were trying to get around the ‘protocol’ of his arrival there. Incognito.

Imagine that for a political statement.

However he was prevented by you know who. But there were many Sunnis, ExPats and totally non sectarian individuals who wanted to join in the revolutionary movement. The latter are rare and fragile beasts but their transformative powers profound. Once a revolutionary movement is born it NEVER dies. It may not be successful but many Aristocracies and Autocracies have fallen because of it.
It becomes only a matter of time. Short of mass murder and genocide. egs Charles I, Louis XVI,… Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet, …Gadaffi And they all failed in the end.

@brobof Violent protesters scared me and my family! Bandits, vigilantes, and vandals! No sympathy from me! #againstProtests I wanted Police.

Well if they threatened you personally then: “Yes!” But then you would have to have been on the front line of your ex-pat state police. I have yet to read of any substantiated account similar to the daily violence being inflicted on the Shia villages every night. Or the violence carried out on the officially approved opposition. Barring of course the state media: BTV and the GDN. I suspect that this ‘violence’ was second hand via these self same sources but please correct me of this contention if, in fact, a single member of your family was actually attacked, threatened or otherwise harmed in a manner similar to the way that the protestors are currently being threatened attacked and, in some cases, killed. Or indeed if your car was smashed up, your house firebombed, or your father, uncle and son dragged away by masked men speaking with a foreign accent.
Whilst violence is to be deplored. Violence on the citizen BY THE STATE is to be condemned. You would at least agree with me there.

@brobof I am #againstProtests in #Bahrain because protesters wanted to takeover and rule me. I don’t want them to rule, I don’t trust them.

Then you don’t want a democracy. “Rulers” went out of fashion in the Middle Ages shortly after the Black Death. Their final nail in the coffin came with the beheading of Charles! Thereafter: “the ones that Govern do so by the accord of the Governed.” Those that forget this axiom often get beheaded: Louis XIV . Or shot: Nicholas II. Most Royal families in western democracies now keep their heads down and are respected for it!

@brobof #KingHamad #Bahrain is the only one I trust to rule uniting all components of #Bahrain since #ConstitutionalMonarchy with elections.

You don’t have a Constitutional Monarchy: Hamad abrogated its foundation (1973) and still has absolute power. Article 33 [Head of State, Powers]. You don’t have to trust him he just “is.” By dictat.
And just how many al-Khalifa’s have you in positions of power? I would contend that the actual Govt. of Bahrain actually resembles a Mafia Family Business. Do you trust all of ’em? Sometimes this blind loyalty simply astounds me. Whilst people in the U.K. have a great deal of respect for the Queen, they have very little for the heir apparent and even less for the Queen Consort. Republicanism is very much alive here. It’s just biding it’s time and waiting for Royal Excess.
Gerrymandered elections aside the Bahraini Parliament is a toothless, tissue thin pretext of real politics.

@brobof a country as small as #Bahrain can’t Progress without Peace, Security, and Order. This public assembly terrorized rest of Bahrain!

It might have ‘terrorised’ the PM when it looked like the CP was agreeing that it was time for a new Prime Minister! (Ahem! Article 67 [Limitations] Point a.)
However for the bulk of the population: I would contend that they were mildly inconvenienced but repeatedly ‘terrorised’ by ‘terror’ reports by BTV and non-credible State spokespersons concerning the ‘terrorists’. When a government turns to lies and propaganda ANYTHING it states is void. Perhaps 30 years will pass before Bahrainiis will be allowed to discover who the real ‘terrorists’ were. But I suspect that even you know the truth just as do: the CIA, HRW, Amnesty International, the UN and many other bodies.
I would further suggest that that “Peace, Security and Order” implemented as people are dragged off in the middle of the night, harrassed at check points, killed in custody, subject to secret military trials without due process,… is not the sort of “Peace, Security and Order” of a vibrant Democracy. It is at best the “Peace, Security and Order” of repressive totalitarian state of the sort that Stalin enacted. Indeed “Peace, Security and Order” at the point of a gun is classic Orwellian DoubleThink.
BTV = MiniTru!

@brobof I’m not stupid enough to let any one group go protest decide to go rule an let them rule #Bahrain! Where’s my voice? Isn’t it civil?

In a democracy the majority rules. End of story. However in a mature democracy this is modified by various interest groups, lobbiests, and a whole bunch of other stuff to prevent excess.
But under an absolute autocrat with absolute power you have no voice. Indeed under your current imposed Constitution the mandatory respect for the King is absolute. Article 89 [Representation, Immunity]
On a lighter note I would direct you to this:
Which explains where real power comes from.

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